PETG-Multi-Pack 0.5kg

More color options in light weight in a bundle

Contributing to meeting customers’ demands for different printing projects and making the filament more convenient to dispose, Duramic 3D launched most popular filament color in light weight for you to enjoy! 

SMOOTH & STABLE PRINTING - Duramic 3D promises no tangles, no bubbles and no clogs due to its rigid manufacturing quality control. Its performance is stable with smooth extrusion and excellent adhesion, without stringing and warping issues under optimal settings. Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 240±10°C (446 - 482), heated Bed Temp: 70°C - 80°C (158 - 176).

ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY - Duramic uses digital caliper system which measures the dimensions a thousand times and automatically adjusts them. This help ensures the 1.75mm diameter and the ±0.05mm tolerance are accurate and consistent. The color is also consistent without traces of other color.

PREMIUM PETG & COST-EFFECTIVE- Produced with Nano-reinforcement technology and USA high purity raw material without processed recycled waste, Duramic PETG filaments deliver exceptional quality and reliability to meet your everyday needs in design and prototyping while in its cost-effective price.

USER-FRIENDLY & COMPATIBLE - Universal compatibility with diverse FDM 3D printers in market. User-friendly with length scale and weight scale to monitor remaining length and weight easily. The storage hole is designed to place the end of the filament to prevent tangling. Eco-friendly and odor-free.