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Recommendations for PLA printing

To improve our product performance and reach better mechanical properties, we are using a high modulus PLA grade, which is different from most filament manufactures, we strongly recommend you to set your nozzle temp to be 220℃(428℉).

Apologize for the online store shipping issues.

Dear Customer

We  just received  some feedbacks saying the delay of online store shipping, and found out that our customer service email did not receive shopify notifications properly, and failed to fulfill some of the orders. We apologize for what happened and will contact everty customer soon,apologize again for the incoveniences brought to you.

Why price increased recently?

Duramic 3D lauched our filaments on Amazon in late 2019, to fasten the buisness grow, we did a quarterly long promotion with very competitve pricing. Starting from January 1st 2020, we resume our price to the normal level.

Meanwhile, since this Feburary, with the COVID-19 Pandemic influcing our supply chain and PLA supply, we see lots of manufactures are adding alternative raw materials like PBAT to their PLA products, claiming to be same PLA as before, we also meet with critical challenge of raw material supply, while Duramic 3D insists on high standards of quality and integrity, we therefore bear a much higher raw material and manufature cost, to keep our products to be as before.

Without considering adding alternative ingredients to our PLA products, we are going to lower our volume of PLA products until the market recovers to normal supply.

Contact infomation

For any inquiries or technical issues, please contact service@duramic3d.com.