• Printed models by Duramic 3D users

Printed models by Duramic 3D users

Duramic 3D is your new trustworthy filament go-to brand!

Supported by manufacturer with years of research and innovation in 3D printing technology in different industries, Duramic 3D is dedicated to offer high quality and cost-effective 3d printing filaments with consistent performance.

In the meantime, your voice will also be highly valued by us. We guarantee 7/24 hassle-free customer service. If you have any quality issues, questions, suggestions, or need any printing setting advice, please don't hesitate to contact us via service@duramic3d.com.

Important Notice:

Dear Customers:

Duramic 3D plans to switch all the series gradually from plastic spools to cardboard spools, in order to better protect the environment. The cardboard spool is made of compressed recycled paper, which is a scientific reuse of recycled resources. Besides, the paper spool, along with the paper sticker, is easily for sorting and recycling itself.

Kindly be assured that the filaments remain the same.

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For any inquiries or technical issues, please contact service@duramic3d.com.